11 Cute and Creative Button Craft Ideas

11 Cute and Creative Button Craft Ideas

11 Cute and Creative Button Craft Ideas

Whether you have buttons with you or you are a DIY aficionado looking for some creative time, button craft will not let you down.


Surprisingly, you can do a lot with buttons. From making a charming butterfly design to creating button mandala art, there is a lot that you can do to get your creative juices flowing. However, today, we have listed some easy-to-make button crafts that you and all will adore. Let’s dive in!


Have Some Fun with These Creative Button Ideas


  1. Button Glasses


If you are fond of kitchen DIY and have some extra buttons, you will enjoy doing this craft. All you have to do is stick some buttons on the glass and you will have a new type of glass in your kitchen.


  1. Button Bags


Are you looking for some crafty and unique bags? Why not try one at home? These can be perfect gifts for girls and are also easy to make.


Pick up a plain bag and start adding beautiful buttons to it. You can also make some designs or mix and match them with different colours for more fun.


  1. Button Footwear


Button footwear is another option if you are tired of using those mundane shoes and heels. You can find and add some designer buttons and make your old footwear stylish. This is again easy to do, and will look super cute when paired up with a pretty dress.


  1. Button Christmas Tree


Another thing you can do is buy a miniature Christmas tree or make one yourself at home.


Draw a simple Christmas tree. Then, start sticking green buttons in the shape of the tree. You can also use different colours for a unique touch.


  1. Button Bracelet


Another easy and stylish way to a button is by creating a bracelet. It can be made unique by choosing decorative buttons of different colours. You can also customise it with letters or names.


  1. Button Bookmarks


Now, this is the most common thing to do. Button bookmarks are not only easy and creative but also fun to make. These can be made simply by using designer buttons or regular ones.


  1. Button Mirrors


Again, this is a decorative way to turn your old mirror into new. It will not only amp up your mirror but can also be an amazing gift.


  1. Button Headbands


What can be cuter than a colourful headband? This easy yet stylish add-on will make a perfect gift for little girls. You can style it with different styles and colour combinations.


  1. Refrigerator Magnets


These magnets are just perfect for holding memories in your refrigerator. You can keep the display on the fridge and let your kids be happy.


  • Button Bugs


Cute little button bugs are not at all harmful but a beautiful gift for kids. Also, you can keep them in your gardens for a soulful, contemporary touch.


  • Button Bouquet


Do you want to give a simple yet everlasting bouquet? Why not make one with buttons? This bouquet will not only look beautiful but will also be a treasured gift.




Everybody likes to have some fun by doing something creative. Well, you can do a whole lot of creativity with buttons themselves. These easy ideas will make your DIYs fun as well as memorable.


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