Timeless Motif Ideas for a New Embroider

Timeless Motif Ideas for a New Embroider

Timeless Motif Ideas for a New Embroider

Embroidery is a simple, yet beautiful craft that requires only a few inexpensive tools and supplies. It is best for people who are beginners in the world of creativity and crafts.

Today’s blog is dedicated to all those new embroiderers who aim to create nice designs without feeling overwhelmed. We have curated for you some easiest patterns to get started with embroidery. Take a look at these timeless motif ideas to find your design inspiration.

Simple Motif Ideas for an Embroidery Beginner

Pretty and Simple Flower Motif

Start with any of your favourite simple flower designs, such as a five-petal flower. To start with your flower embroidery, sew long and short stitches. Fill up the first row and the last row of the design using a long and a short stitch (keep it almost half of the long stitch) alternatively - starting from the edges and then to the inside. Now outline the designs with a backstitch and do it from bottom to top of the design. You have your perfect flower motif ready.

Flying Goose Motif

To draw a flying goose motif, you need to draw a rectangle. Then, bend the upper and lower sides of it in the downward direction to form a v-shape. Yes, it’s that easy!

Phulkari Embroidery Four-Petal Flower Motif

You can use this motif to create a pretty boundary or can scatter it all over the fabric.

To make the four-petal flower design, draw a square and divide it into eight parts using diagonal and right-angled lines from each side of the rectangle. Convert the alternative partition into petals, and you are good to go.

Diamond Motif

It is one of the simplest embroidery designs. To make it, draw two intersecting lines and connect the corners of the line with a curve. Create a chain stitch on the curve lines and double the lazy daisy stitch (nestle two lazy daisy stitches, one inside the other) on the intersecting corners. And your diamond motif is ready.

Heart Sampler

Create a heart shape with the help of different straight embroidery stitches of varying sizes. It is simply a cute embroidery design to decorate towels and cushion covers. You can learn different embroidery stitch patterns as you create a heart sampler using various stitches. If you want to practice new embroidery stitches, this is the perfect way for it.

Eyelet Flowers

Create eyelet flowers that consist of tiny eyelets (holes made in the material and finished with stitches) linked with four bullion knots surrounding the eyelet hole as petals.

Create eyelets piercing a small sharp awl on the circle, or if you want a very small hole, you can use a drapery needle. Make embroidery split stitches around the outline. Puncture the hole again with an awl, settle the stitches around the hole, and give an appropriate finish. There, you have your eyelet flower design.

When you use these small and simple embroidery motifs all over the fabric, it can transform the entire look. You can also use them to embellish plain cloth dresses.  

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