7 Amazing Knitting Tips for Beginners

7 Amazing Knitting Tips for Beginners

7 Amazing Knitting Tips for Beginners

Hobbies are a gateway to a relaxing, leisure time that helps you de-stress and engage your time in something that you absolutely love pursuing. Knitting is one such hobby that captures your mind into creating something that’s very intricate.

Whether you’ve had the knitting fever since your childhood or picked it up as a passion in your middle age, you’ve once been a beginner. So if you want to throw yourself into the new hobby of knitting, don’t hesitate and start right now. Because hobbies don’t need a certificate of age. All you have to do is start learning it from the very beginning.

However, it’s easier said than done since the start of any activity is the hardest part. To get through it, you need a mentor who introduces you to the basics of knitting.

Today, we are being that mentor for you. Dive in in the knitting tips for beginners!

●       Get Started With the Right Needle Size

When you are a beginner, it’s best to choose tools that are within your comfort range. A knitting needle of size 4 mm, 4.5 mm, or 5 mm is perfect for your first experience. These sizes of needles are easy to hold and provide you with relatively large stitches so that you can see what you are doing. This helps you to progress quickly, which makes your knitting experience enjoyable and encouraging.

●       Choose an Inexpensive and Plain Yarn

It’s tempting to pick up a good, fluffy yarn that doesn’t highlight your mistakes a lot. But to learn the right way, begin working with plain yarn. Also, choose the cheap one so that there’s room for making mistakes. An expensive yarn will restrict you from learning freely and making mistakes.

Once you become regular with hands-on knitting, you can pick up fun, fashionable yarns.

●       Make a Swatch

Swatch is a knitted square that one makes to see how their knitting design looks. They are super helpful for beginners. It’s a great way to practice before you get to your real project. You can judge your designs and see the result of the combination of yarn and needles.

●       Hold Your Yarn at a Consistent Tension

If your knitting is turning out messy and bumpy, it’s because you are stitching unevenly. Keeping yarn at the same tension gives a nice and smooth knit. Keep your hand position for knitting comfortable so that you don’t have to change it often. The positioning depends on your preference as there is no right way to tension the yarn. You’ll know about your preference with practice.

●       Keep Your Stress Away!

Your mood can have a great impact on your knitting tension. The way we feel affects our way of holding needles and tugging the yarn.

When you knit under stress, the knitting is tight and wound up. As you ease up and relax, you can notice the difference in your knitting and the change over the length of fabric.

So take out some time to relax before starting the knitting project.

●       Learn From YouTube

YouTube is a really good place to start with. You can learn everything about knitting from here- from simple knitting techniques like knits and purls and casting on to advanced ones like German Short Rows and Magic Loops. YouTube is a wonderland where all you need to do is search and you’ll learn everything.

Knitting is an amazing hobby to pick. You can make anything for yourself or your loved ones. Those hand-made knitted items will always stay close to your heart.

If you’re starting to learn knitting, get your tools and materials from Habiknit. We’d love to supply you with the best of resources to help you with your knitting journey!