Must-Know Yarn Colour Combination Ideas

Must-Know Yarn Colour Combination Ideas

Must-Know Yarn Colour Combination Ideas

Often we find ourselves trapped between the technical aspects of knitting, such as the stitch pattern or tact of slipping your stitches.

Several patterns that are in trend like feature strips are created with the perfect combination of two or three colours.

You would surely love to try colours that look amazing together!

The artistry is in choosing the most suitable colour combinations. Resort to the colour theory that can prove to be an inescapable lesson for knitting. Learning the colour theory with some pretty and trendy colours will help get the right combination you want.

analogous, complementary, and split complementary are three colour schemes that will create impressive colour combos that look pleasing to everyone’s eyes. Stick with one of the following schemes to go in the right direction.

Inspired by the colour schemes mentioned above, we are here with cool colour combinations you can try the next time you plan to knit.

Let’s have a look!

4 Yarn Colour Combination Ideas

1.      Analogous colours

The colours that are next to each other on the colour wheel are analogous combinations.

Analogous schemes work in any number of colours. Pick two, three, four, or more colours. Such as red and magenta or orange, sunshine, and lime. These colours have similar traits and blend very well in even and uneven amounts. 

2.      Complementary colours

When you want a real punch go with complementary colours. Colours that are situated opposite each other on the colour wheel: that means exact opposite colours. The huge colour difference highlights the pattern made in your knitting.

Usually, people think contrary colours do not work well together, but it is the opposite of what they think. The fact is the complementary colours complement each other. Most sports teams use contrary colours for their jersey and logo.

The idea behind the use of contrary colours is to let one colour the spotlight and the remaining others in small amounts, complement the whole combination.

3.      Split complementary colours

A complementary scheme can only give you two colours but to get the combination of three you must opt for the split complementary colour scheme.

To get the colour scheme, start with choosing one colour, now look for the opposite colour on the wheel and choose colours on either side of that colour.

4.      Neutral colours

Cream, white, grey, black, taupe, and other neutral colours enhance the colours. The colours on the colour wheel have their undertones. The neutrals exist on the spectrum with other origin colours. The colour gets neutral as it gets towards mute.

One or more neutral colour yarns are used for knitting for balancing the pattern and popping other colours.

So, are you ready to make your unique, appealing colour combination?

Use one of these aforementioned schemes, and hop into a beautiful colour combination. 

Knitting is truly an art, but unfortunately, for focusing on the technical part we forget to enjoy little cute things about knitting- the cosy cable, delicacy of lace stitch, and combination of our favourite colours.

Look at natural things around for a pleasing colour combination. A few colour combinations that please all of us- the bright red and orange of the sun mixing in the deep blue of the ocean and pale grey and white clouds floating in the baby blue colour sky.

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