Inspire Creativity - Benefits of Crocheting - Part 02

Inspire Creativity - Benefits of Crocheting - Part 02

Inspire Creativity - Benefits of Crocheting - Part 02

Crocheting is more than just a fun pastime. It is a truly healing and therapeutic activity.

There are numerous benefits of crocheting. We have already discussed a range of perks in our previous blog  that suggests how crocheting is an amazing art form to choose as a hobby. If you are still not convinced about it, we hope to bring you to the other side of the river with our extensive list of crocheting benefits. Let’s get started!

Benefits of Crocheting

Helps to Get Back Control

Whether you are a caregiver who is feeling helpless or someone who is struggling with an illness, crocheting helps you with the sense of getting the control back into your hands.

By choosing a project of crocheting, you get to make decisions. You have to make choices - from the type of crochet to the colour of yarn to the type of hooks you will use. It gives you a feeling of having things under your control.

It is Good for Your Body

We know crocheting is a mood-lifting activity. Along with it, it also has enormous benefits for your body. The small repetitive movements involved in crocheting help keep your hands, wrists, arms, and fingers flexible. Moreover, the intrinsic design keeps your eyesight sharp. The ergonomic shape of hooks alleviates the pain on the joints.

It Lets You Do Good for Others

To give something good back to the community you live in is extremely satisfying. If you are looking for the means of art to do so, crocheting helps you do it.

You can make clothes for newborn babies via crocheting, visit the nearby hospital and give them to babies there. Donate the crocheted toys to the children ward, they will be grateful to receive them. You can also crochet scarves and sweaters for the homeless around. All these good deeds will make you feel satisfied and blessed.

Improves memory

Yes, you heard it right. Learning and remembering different stitches and patterns help improve your memory. As you get hands-on with a pattern, it becomes easier to keep the pattern to the memory.

The brain is a muscle, its performance increases as you perform more exercise. Therefore, keep challenging yourself by learning more new stitches and patterns.

Reduces Mindless Eating

It is a no brainer. Since crocheting keeps your hand and mind busy, you won’t stroll to the kitchen to satiate your cravings and eat mindlessly. By keeping yourself involved, you can stop yourself from taking frequent strolls to the kitchen to grab a can of soda or a bowl of ice cream. This way, you can easily manage what you are eating and when. For instance, if you crave eating while watching TV, grab yarn and hooks instead.

Builds a Community

It is beautifully overwhelming to sit together with like-minded people. Look around for crochet lovers in your locality. If there is no one already, introduce people to the world of crochet. Consider meeting at a nearby coffee shop, a park, or a yarn outlet. Make them learn the art of crocheting and build a community.

Crocheting is much more than just an art activity. Once you get hooked to it, it’s impossible to keep the yarn and hooks away.

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