5 Unique Knitting Projects You Should Try

5 Unique Knitting Projects You Should Try

5 Unique Knitting Projects You Should Try

Knitting is a delightful art. It is the kind of art form that shows the reflection of your mind. Needless to say, it might appear a little intimidating for beginners as to where to begin. However, you can improve with constant practice. At one point, it becomes a piece of cake. You can prepare beautiful patterns, learn new designs and take this art form to the next level.

Whether you are looking for some leisure time or you are thinking of gifting your loved ones, knitting can be a great idea. It can not only refine your leisure time but will also add a personal touch to your gifts. For instance, a hand-knitted baby cap will any day outweigh the bought toys.

So, if you are looking to ace in this amazing art form, we are here to help. We have got you some unique knitting projects you should give a try

Unique and Interesting Knitting Projects to Try

  • Knit Pullover

Nothing is more comforting than a warm cup of coffee, a book, and a cosy pullover on a chilly morning. This entire scene is incomplete without that perfect pullover that gives you the feeling of warmth and relief.

Well, the good news is that you can easily make one for yourself. To begin with, you can look for some comforting colours in the nude palette or go for darker tones such as wine red. You can bring this pullover up quite easily by knitting the best pattern that is in trend.

  • Malabrigo Weave Scarf

So, we're ready to make you look all fashionista these winters. With knitted pullovers, the other thing you can highly consider is a malabrigo weave scarf.

Find a lightly shaded wool and start weaving it in a beautiful malabrigo design to bring about the best comfy scarf. You can pair it up with a sweater, pullover and denims to complete the look.

Also, it will be super unique as you had made it by yourself.

  • Knitted Baby Bow Hat

If there's one thing that looks super cute on babies, it has to be the knitted hat. This woven hat makes the baby look adorable with a cute smile on its face.

You must have already seen a knitted baby hat. So, why not give it a twist by adding a bow and turning it extra adorable? Just select a contrast colour for the bow and you are good to go. It looks best on infants or babies of age 0-3 months.

  • Knitted Coasters

Who said that knitting is only limited to clothes? Well, you can clearly take it to home decor by giving this idea a chance.

Whether you are looking for some decent DIY gift ideas or you just want to redecorate your home. You can select a warm colour and prepare one for your table.

  • Giant Knitted Bunny

Do you want to give your kid a personalised gift? What can be better than a cute knitted bunny?

Go for a creamy-white wool to weave the cutest bunny your child can hug while sleeping. Also, the best part is that this project can be finished more quickly than you can imagine.

So, what are you waiting for? Add knitting to your personal favourite hobby and begin with these projects to turn your hobby more exciting. You can explore the best selection of yarn and knitting supplies at our store - shop now!