Become a Smart Knitter- Try These 7 Knitting Ideas

Become a Smart Knitter- Try These 7 Knitting Ideas

Become a Smart Knitter- Try These 7 Knitting Ideas

Do you always wonder how these pro knitters end up creating such uniform and beautiful designs? 

Well, the beauty of knitting lies in practice and knowledge that brings the best out of the fabric as well as the knitter.

So, if you are ready to launch yourself into the art of knitting, here are the 7 ideas that can make you a better knitter than before.

Seven Knitting Tips to Become a Better Knitter

  • Always Use Good Quality Supplies
  • The secret behind good quality knits is simple, good quality ingredients. The heart and soul of the knitting lie in its yarn. Hence, selecting the right yarn is crucial. 

    You need to understand that not all yarns are equal- even if they may look the same. Sure, you can get budget-friendly options but these will result in shoddy knits regardless of your excellent knitting. 

  • Choose the Right Yarn for Your Project
  • Now, aside from quality, it is also important to buy the yarn that is suitable for your project. You will find a vast variety of yarns in beautiful colours but that should not be your only aspect while choosing one. 

    The most crucial part to consider is the function. How do you want it to look? The second is the fibre content and thickness. Determine all of these factors together along with colour to choose the right yarn. 

  • Use the Right Tools
  • Knitting needles come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. For the best results, you need to learn how to choose the right needle for the job. 

    Small needle size will give you stiff fabric and tight stitches. On the other hand, a large one will lead to a loose and floppier fabric. 

  • Knit a Gauge Swatch
  • If you are a beginner and you want your finished knits to come out a certain size, you need to knit a gauge swatch. It is the only way by which you can measure accuracy regardless of the size of your project. 

    Every pattern will give you a recommended gauge. This can guide you to create several stitches in one inch of fabric. 

  • Hold the Yarn Properly
  • If your knitting is sloppier or messy, you are not holding the yarn correctly. To create a nice and uniform fabric, you need to keep your yarn at the same tension with each stitch. 

    You can begin by tensioning the yarn between your fingers and easing it whenever you need. 

  • Get in the Zone
  • Sometimes no matter how good a knitter you are, you can't just do it right. The reason being your mood. Your mood can have a great impact on your knitting tension. If you are in a bad mood, your tension will be more and you will wound up. But as you continue to knit, it will magically start uplifting your mood. However, as your mood begins to ease up, so is your yarn tension- which you do not want. 

    So, next time you feel stressed you can try knitting. However, before moving to your knitting project, ease your mood by drinking some soothing tea or listening to relaxing music, or deep breathing. 

  • Make Your Stitches of the Same Size
  • Uniform fabric is not created out of magic. It needs stitches to be of the same size. With even tension and stitches, you can get the fabric you desire.

    So, get yourself in the knitting zone and follow these steps to create magic. Stay tuned with us for more such interesting posts!