Sewing Supplies You Must-Have in Your Haberdashery Kit

Sewing Supplies You Must-Have in Your Haberdashery Kit

Sewing Supplies You Must-Have in Your Haberdashery Kit

As a regular sewer, you can’t do without an all-element haberdashery kit. For a beginner, a sewing machine, fabric, and thread are the only essential elements. But a sewing kit needs to have many more supplies to complete any haberdashery project. 

There are some essential tools and supplies that are must-haves for a sewer, whether you’re a beginner or an expert. In this blog, we bring you a complete list of sewing supplies. Let’s have a look - 

Tools to Set Your Sewing Patterns

Tape Measure and Gauge

A lightweight and easy-to-read measuring tape helps in measuring the fabric to figure out the dimensions. It comes in different materials - cloth, plastic, or satin ribbon. 

A sewing gauge helps in marking repetitive measurements. It comes with a metal ruler with a cut-out sliding cursor in the middle.

A transparent ruler lets you measure short distances and make markings on the fabric. It comes in handy to make buttonholes or parallel lines. It makes marking a hem or transferring a pattern easier.

Tools to Mark Your Sewing Patterns

Fabric Markers

Fabric markers are essential to mark the cut lines or note down measurements. You may use chalk wheels, dressmaker pencils, water-erasable markers, or water-soluble pencils. They all are temporary markers and easy-to-erase.

Tracing Equipment

Get tracing paper and tracing wheels to transfer the tracing marks of the fabric. They make the sewing process accurate and more manageable. You have to slide the pattern under the material and roll the wheel where you want to trace it.

Carbon paper is also a good tracing tool to work on light-coloured fabrics. 

Tools to Cut Your Fabric


A good pair of fabric scissors helps in the precision cutting of fabrics. For heavy materials, use tailor’s shears. It gives accurate cuts. Use pinking shears for light fabrics to make zig-zag cuts. 

Thread Snips

Thread snips save you from your sewing mistakes and undo a wrong seam. They have a metal blade with a protective knob at the end. Use it carefully to avoid injuries. 

Tools for Pinning and Sewing

  • Safety pins

    • Pins with coloured tips

      Pin Cushion

Pincushions help store sharp needles and pins. It pins your project together and helps in making great designs out of scrap fabrics. 

  • Thimbles

  • Thimbles are small hat-like-structured pitted cups worn on the middle finger. It protects the finger from getting poked by a needle while sewing. 

  • Sewing Needles

  • No haberdashery toolbox is complete without sewing pins and needles. Get different needles in different sizes of length and thickness. They’ll help you with precision and finishing work. 

    Threads and Bobbins

    Have different styles and colours of threads for various fabrics. Choose quality threads over bulk and cheap supplies. Use a thread of the same colour as the fabric to prevent staining. 

    Also, get several bobbins to wind the thread. It helps in tidy storage without tangles. 

    A complete set of sewing supplies in your haberdashery kit makes you more confident to start your sewing session. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, these items will help you in your sewing session.

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