Simple Tips to Care for Your Woolen Clothing

Simple Tips to Care for Your Woolen Clothing

Simple Tips to Care for Your Woolen Clothing

Do you want your woollens to last longer without losing their actual shape and colour? While it seems to be an unsolved mystery, it does have a solution. In this blog, let’s find out how you can make it possible.

Wool is a natural fibre that is extremely delicate. It comes with comfort, warmth and moisture-wicking competence. However, our favourite sweaters and prized cashmere often get worn out in a few months. It is disappointing to find your comfort woollen wears are losing their shape, and we wonder what we have been doing wrong.

To help you extend the life of your woollen clothing, we have come up with our simple woollen care tips. Let’s dive in!

How to Care for Your Woollen clothing?

Use Cashmere Brush

Before washing your woollens, you should get rid of the lint, hair, and fuzz present on the clothing. You can do so by brushing it with a cashmere brush. It is easy to use and effectively protects the fabric. It even whisks away pilling, fabric fluff, and excess fibres.

Do Not Wash Woollen Often

You should wash woollen clothing only when it is necessary to make them last longer. Wool is a self-regulating fibre. Thus, there is no need to launder it as frequently as other fabrics. Keep following things in mind between washes:

  • Blot the cloth with water and mild soap to spot clean small stains.
  • Use fuzz remover and good quality fabric shaver to remove the pilled fabric, lint, and pet hair from your woollen clothing.
  • After each wear, air out your woollen clothing. It freshens up them eliminating the foul odour and moisture before going into storage.
  • Fold wools and store them in a cedar dresser drawer instead of hanging them on cloth hangers.
  • At the end of every season, wash your wool sweaters one final time before keeping them in storage.
  • To keep your woollens free from moths, carpet beetles, and silverfish, place them in an airtight plastic bin for long-term storage. You can also use a one-half cup dry lavender-packed sachet as an added bug deterrent.

Do Not Bleach Woollen Garments

Chlorine or oxygen bleach is not suitable for cleaning woollens. It weakens the fibre of the cloth and lowers the life of the garment. You should dry-clean or wash the woollen clothing as per the instruction label.

Use Delicate Machine Program

Most of the woollen clothes are machine washable. To maintain them in good shape and colour, launder them using delicate woollen suitable machine wash.

You must remember the following things before washing woollen clothes:

  • Turn the cloth inside out.
  • Choose a delicate woollen suitable wash cycle.
  • Use cold water and mild liquid detergent.
  • Rinse them in an extra rinsing cycle.
  • Do not put woollens in dry, instead lay them flat in shade to dry in a moisture-free place. Do not dry sweaters or cardigans on hangers since woollen tends to stretch post-wash.
  • Use a cool setting while ironing woollen clothes. You can also keep them in a steamy bathroom for a few hours to avoid wrinkles.

Read Wash Care Instructions

Before washing any woollen cloth read their washing instructions carefully. It contains information about the frequency and the kind of wash a particular garment needs. If you follow it, your woollens will last longer in good condition.

Keep the Woollens in Mild Sunlight to Remove Odour

To remove the mild odour from your woollen clothing, simply spread them in mild sunlight. In a few hours, the odour will go away and the woollens will look and smell fresh without washing.

Increasing the shelf life of woollen clothing can be tricky. However, if you follow these tips, you may find your woollen clothes fresh and fine.

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